OHS Unit Training Program

VTHC Training program to December 2016

Note: Keep checking this page as from time to time, courses are cancelled or re-scheduled. The latest update, with changes, was made February 24.

There are two ways to enrol in a course:

  1. download a training application form, complete it and then either fax it or email it to the VTHC Training Unit. Fax: 03 9639 0408, email ohstrain@vthc.org.au; or
  2. Go to this page and fill out an online application form - click on the type of course you're wanting to enrol in.

 If you have any queries about the training, contact Lisa Mott on 03 9663 5460 or 9659 3511.

Remember: Under Section 67 of the OHS Act (2004), HSRs and deputy HSRs are entitled to undertake a WorkSafe approved course of their choice, in consultation with their employer. This applies to both the Initial and the Refresher courses. HSRs must give 14 days' notice of their intention to attend an Initial or a Refresher course under the Victorian OHS Act. More detail on HSR and Deputy HSR Right to Training.

The courses in Carlton are held at the Trades Hall, corner Victoria and Lygon Streets, Carlton South. The addresses of venues in other locations will be provided by mail to participants prior to the commencement of the course. All fees are GST inclusive.  More information on the content of the courses, and on the VTHC OHS Health and Safety Training Centre.

HSR Initial OHS Training Course

- for Elected OHS Reps and Deputies under the Victorian OHS Act - is approved by WorkSafe Victoria under Section 67


February 29 - March 4InitialCarlton
February 29 - March 4InitialFrankston
March 7 - 11Education AEU Abbottsford
March 7 - 11InitialCarlton
April 4 - 8InitialCarlton
May 9 - 13InitialRingwood
May 16 - 20Initial Werribee
June 6 - 10InitialCarlton
June 20 - 24Education
AEU Abbottsford
July 11 - 15InitialCarlton
July 18 - 22InitialFrankston
August 15 - 19InitialGeelong
August 22 - 26InitialCarlton
September 19 - 23InitialCarlton
October 10 - 14Education
AEU Abbottsford
October 10 - 14InitialCarlton
December 12 - 16Education
AEU Abbottsford

Course hours: 9am - 5pm. Course fee for Metropolitan: $830.00


April 18 - 22InitialMorwell
May 9 - 13InitialBallarat
June 6 - 10InitialBendigo
July 18 - 22InitialMorwell
September 12 - 16InitialBallarat
December 12 - 16InitialBallarat

Course hours: 9am - 5pm. Course fee for Country: $880.00


The Comcare courses are for elected HSRs under the Commonwealth Work Health Safety Act, 2011

August 9RefresherCarlton

(nb - the next Initial Comcare course will be scheduled in early 2017)

Course hours: 9am - 5pm.
Course fee Initial $830; Refresher $310

2- Day Metropolitan/Country

The 2-day course is an overview designed for managers, supervisors and committee members. It is not a replacement for the 5-Day Initial training for HSRs.


March 30 - 31GeneralCarlton
June 20 - 21GeneralBallarat
June 28 - 29GeneralCarlton
September 27 - 28 GeneralBallarat

Course hours: 9am - 4pm Course fee: Carlton $430; Ballarat $460 (tbc)

HSR Refresher Metropolitan/Country


March 15GeneralFrankston
March 15GeneralCarlton
March 17Educaton
AEU Abbottsford
March 18GeneralWerribee
April 1GeneralCarlton
April 11GeneralWest Melbourne
April 13GeneralCarlton
April 26GeneralMorwell
April 28GeneralCarlton
May 3GeneralBallarat
May 5Education
AEU Abbottsford
May 26GeneralCarlton
June 27GeneralCarlton
June 30GeneralRingwood
July 6GeneralGeelong
July 7GeneralFrankston
August 11Education
AEU Abbottsford
August 12 GeneralBendigo
August 16 GeneralCarlton
August 29GeneralBallarat
August 30 GeneralMorwell
September 13GeneralGeelong
September 14GeneralCarlton
October 4Education
AEU Abbottsford
October 6GeneralFrankston
November 24


AEU Abbottsford
December 1GeneralBallarat

Course hours 9am - 5pm
Course fee: Metropolitan $310; Country $330

Last updated June, 2016


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