BBS Kit - Section 5: Resources


As these programs become more widespread, so too do resources and articles debunking them.  Take a look at some of the material available:

  • On this site: Nancy Lessin BBS - A Union Viewpoint 

  • Professor Andrew Hopkins: "What are we to make of safe behaviour programs?"   Working Paper 36,  National Research Centre for OHS Regulation  

  • From the US the Steelworkers' Union report, 'Not walking the talk: DuPont's untold safety failures' [pdf] on the real OHS performance of DuPont - creators of one of the world's most widespread Behaviour Based Safety Programs, STOP.  Also check out  the USW DuPont council webpages and a new website Dupont Safety Revealed

  • Excellent trade union resources on Behaviour Based Programs are available through Hazards Magazine, a terrific resource supported by the UK's peak union council the TUC.  Unions and union OHS reps should subscribe to it. 
  • UK's Trade Union Congress (TUC) 2011 guidance for unions criticising the behavioural safety approach as being unscientific and based on a 'blame the workers' approach - TUC guidance

Useful Trade Union Health and safety sites

Regular union newsfeeds or journals on health and safety can be subscribed to via:

Many other union sites have good health and safety information. Go to the Union links section of this site.

Last amended August 2014

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