VTHC - Victorian Trades Hall Council

The Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC)  is the Victorian branch of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).  It is the peak union council in Victoria. Its new website is the We Are Union website.
It grew from the historic winning of the 8-hour day by the Melbourne building trades in 1856. In that year a Trades Hall Committee was formed to receive a grant of land on which the world's first Trades Hall (or "Workers' Parliament") was built in 1859.
The major role of the VTHC is the co-ordination of union activities and campaigns. When a union requires assistance and support for an issue which has broad consequences for more than one union, the VTHC may become involved in a co-ordinating role. It also provides assistance to its affiliated unions with research, negotiations and advocacy.  
The VTHC is also the central State organisation for communicating with the public about trade union issues. It is responsible for implementing ACTU policy within Victoria and represents unionists in lobbying State Parliament for social and industrial reforms. It is the body which most people contact if they have any query about trade unions.
The OHS Unit is situated within the VTHC and is responsible for providing advice and assistance to affiliates and union members, and other OHS related functions (see 'About Us') 
The VTHC website has important information on workers' rights, young workers, current campaigns, events and more. There are also links to all Victorian unions.

Related sites are:

  • We Are Union Women - on women's issues and more
  • VTHC Young Workers Centre website
  • VTHC Migrant Workers Centre website
  • UnionAssist - the VTHC has a unit of specialists who assist injured workers with their workers' compensation claims and related issues.
  • APHEDA - Union Aid Abroad. Australian People for Health, Education and Development Abroad (APHEDA) was created in 1984 as the overseas aid agency of the Australian Council of Trade Unions. Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA was established to contribute directly to countries and regions of the world where men and women workers are disadvantaged through poverty, a lack of workplace, denial of labour and human rights, civil conflict and war.

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