6.2 Registration

This chapter has not been update to the 2017 regulations

This part of the regulations applies to:

    (a)    the registration of a plant design required under Part 3.5 (Plant); and
    (b)    the registration or renewal of registration of plant required under Part 3.5 (Plant) (revoked July 2014); and
    (c)    the registration of a person to perform construction work under Part 5.1 (Construction); and
    (d)    the registration of a major hazard facility under Part 5.2 (Major Hazard Facilities).

It outlines the processes involved, the information required, and so on. 

Of particular interest to workers is: Division 4 - Registration to perform construction work.

This section of the regulations is the part that stipulates that anyone working in construction must have a valid construction induction card. This is the 'Red Card' or interstate equivalent (read more).

See Also:

  • The full text of the regulations can be viewed and downloaded from the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website -  click on Victorian Law Today, then on Statutory Rules, and then on "O" to find the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
  • WorkSafe topic page on Registration and Notification which has publications, advice, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

Last amended June 2015


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