Comcare and Self-insurance status

Following changes to the Comcare legislation, the Federal Howard Government allowed for and encouraged  national companies to apply for self-insurance under the commonwealth scheme. Once they were granted self-insurer status, they came under both the commonwealth workers compensation and occupational health legislation.

Companies currently in the Comcare system as self-insurers

As at October 9, 2017, there were 35 licensees under the SRC Act.

However, since the introduction of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act), new self-insurers are not automatically covered by this Act.

Licensees not covered under the WHS Act continue to be regulated by the relevant state and territory work health and safety regulators.


Name of companyCovered under
the WHS Act 2011?
1 - Asciano (Formerly Pacific National (ACT) Limited) YES
2 - Australian air Express Pty Ltd    YES
3 - Australian Postal Corporation    YES
4 - BWA Group Services Pty Limited (Bankwest) NO
5 - BIS Industries Ltd  YES
6 - Border Express Pty LtdYES
7 - Cleanaway Operations Pty LtdYES
8 - Colonial Services Pty LtdYES
9 - Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd   YES
10 - Commonwealth Insurance Ltd    YES
11 - Commonwealth Securities Ltd   YES
12 - CSL Ltd    YES
13 - DHL Supply Chain (Australia) Pty LtdNO
14 - Fleetmaster Services Pty LtdYES
15 - John Holland Group Pty LtdYES
16 - John Holland Pty LtdYES
17 - John Holland Rail Pty LtdYES
18 - K&S Freighters Pty LtdYES
19 - Linfox Australia Pty Ltd  YES
20 - Linfox Armaguard Pty LtdYES
21 - Medibank Private LtdYES
22 - National Australia Bank Ltd YES
23 - National Wealth Management Services Ltd (MLC)YES
24 - Optus Administration Pty LtdYES
25 - Prosegur Australia Pty Limited  (Chubb Security Services Ltd)YES
26 - Reserve Bank of AustraliaYES
27 - Ron Finemore Transport Services Pty LtdNO
28 - StarTrack Express, Pty, LtdYES
29 - StarTrack Retail Pty Ltd (AaE Retail Pty Ltd)YES
30 - Telstra Corporation LtdYES
31 - Thales Australia (formerly ADI Ltd) YES
32 - TNT Australia Pty Ltd  YES
33 - Virgin Australia Airlines Pty LtdNO
34 - Visionstream Pty Ltd YES
35 - Wilson Security Pty Ltd NO

More Information:

Last amended October 2017

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