More information on Noise

More information on Noise - links, documents and more:

  • Summary of Part 3.2 - Noise of the Victorian OHS Regulations on this website. You can access the entire regulations from a link on the summary page. WorkSafe Victoria has announced it will be developing a Compliance Code for Noise in the next year.
  • WorkSafe Victoria's webpage on Noise, including: Noise problems at work: Guide for assessing and fixing a 23 page publication outlining practical noise guidance such as effects on hearing, noise exposure standards and measures to reduce noise. It includes a summary of the noise regulations, a "buy quiet" purchasing guide and types of people who can provide audiometric testing.
  • Noise is now covered as one of the hazards in the Model Work Health and Safety Regulations,and there is also a model Code of Practice. Safe Work Australia is also preparing information sheets.
  • From WA a noise code for the music industry - while the guidance refers specifically to WA noise regulations, it provides useful information in relation to all workers employed in the entertainment industry. The code applies to entertainment venues that play either live or recorded music that play music at levels likely to exceed the exposure standard for noise. Code of Practice - Control of Noise in the music entertainment industry (2003) 
  • Call Centre information on this website (for information on Acoustic shock)
  • A TUC (UK's peak union council) guide: Noise at work - a guide for health and safety representatives [pdf]
  • The UK's Health and Safety Executive has revamped its Noise At Work website. When the UK introduced new Noise regulations on 6 April, 2006, it produced clear and very useful information for employers, workers and worker representatives. Also from the HSE:
  • Canada's Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has a very useful Fact Sheet on Hearing Protectors.

Last amended July 2015

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