Training Courses

The Victorian OHS Act gives elected OHS reps the right to attend WorkSafe approved training courses.  They have the right to attend on paid leave and their employer must pay the cost of the course and any reasonably associated costs. 

Newly elected OHS reps should attend the 5 day initial course either at their union or at the VTHC Training Centre.   Remember that elected reps have the right to attend course of their choice under Section 67 sub-sections (a) and (b).  They are also be entitled to attend the HSR OHS Refresher courses, which are offered by the VTHC Training Unit. A request to attend a course must not be made less than 14 days before the course is to start. 

The Training Centre also delivers accredited 5 day and refresher training courses for health and safety representatives and deputies under the Comcare Act.

Our course program is delivered in a number of metropolitan areas and throughout regional Victoria.

The VTHC Health and Safety Training Centre is committed to offering the highest standards of training at the most  competitive rate. The Centre, established in 1983, has provided training to over 40,000 health and safety representatives.

The VTHC Health and Safety Training Centre is committed to providing OHS training which take into account different learning needs. We can also arrange to meet specific needs if notified before the course. Please inform us at time of enrolment of limited mobility which may make access to training rooms difficult, in order to allow us to arrange alternative access.

Training Courses

The Centre provides a comprehensive training service for employee health and safety representatives, managers, supervisors and employees. Contact the Centre for more details (ph: 03 96593511)

Initial training

All elected OHS reps and deputy OHS reps are entitled to attend the 5-day initial training course, and it is recommended that reps attend such a course as soon as possible after they are elected.  The initial training provides reps with knowledge of the Act, what their role is and gives them skills in representing the members of their Designated Work Group.

Victorian OHS Act, 2004:

s67(1)(a): An employer must, if requested by a health and safety representative (and deputy) for a designated work group of which employees of the employer are members, allow the representative to attend an initial course of training in occupational health and safety after being elected. See here for more information.

Comcare - WHS Act, 2011:

HSRs' and deputies' entitlement under (Section 72 of the WHS Act 2011) to undertake a course of training approved by Comcare Australia. They are entitled choose the course of their choice in consultation with their  Person Business or Undertaking (PCBU).

This HSR training course is not competency-based training and is not linked to an RPL assessment process or continuing professional development points.

Newly elected HSR's must attend the 5-day Commonwealth introductory Initial HSR course to fully perform their role as a HSR. Participants must complete all 5 days of this course within 6 months of starting the course.

Refresher training for OHS Representatives and deputies

Victorian OHS Act:

s67(1)(b): An employer must, if requested by a health and safety representative for a designated work group of which employees of the employer are members, allow the representative to attend a refresher course at least once in each year, after completing the initial course of training, that he or she holds office.

The VTHC offers the WorkSafe approved 1 day refresher course for all OHS and Deputy Reps*:

The refresher course covers:

Session 1 - duty holders and effective representation

Session 2 - OHS regulations, Compliance Codes, risk management and hierarchy of hazard control

Session 3 - hazard identification and risk control of work related stress

Session 4 - case study, problem solving and action plan

*Section 67 of the OH&S Act 2004 entitles all OHS and Deputy Reps who have completed a 5 day initial training course to attend a one day refresher training course each year. 

Remember: reps must give the employer 14 days notice of their intention to attend the course.  The employer is required to pay all costs, including the Reps pay for the day and any other associated costs of attending (within reason).

Comcare Australia approved ACTU /VTHC Refresher HSR - WHS Course.

The Refresher course build knowledge related to specific legislative and HSR skills development and provide an overview of the learning outcomes covered in the five day initial training.

One-day refresher training is offered and applicable to all HSRs 12 months after they have completed either a five-day initial course of training or the bridging course in either 2012 or 2013.

HSR are entitled to attend training with a provider of their choice, in consultation with your Person Business or Undertaking (PCBU) participants will be required to provide evidence they have attended an initial introductory WHS course before enrolling or prior to commencing their VTHC - ACTU HSR refresher course.

You can complete register for a course by Clicking here  to fill out an online application form - click on the type of course you're wanting to enrol in, and then the date and it's done!

Training Program

Details of our training program - where, when and what courses are scheduled, go to the Training Program page on this site.

On-site training

Training can also be delivered on site. This can be a less expensive and more convenient option allowing the course to be adapted to specific workplace issues. On-site training can include:

  • OHS Representative (and deputy) training - under the Victorian and Comcare Acts
  • HSR Refresher OHS training - under the Victorian and Comcare Acts
  • 2-day course for for Managers, Supervisors, OHS coordinators and Committee members

Other training by negotiation.

More Information

If you would like more information about our courses or would like to discuss organising on-site training for your organisation, contact us by telephone (03) 9659 3511 or email on

Last amended May, 2018

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