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What needs to be done to improve health and safety is common to all industries: Involvement of workers and commitment from management are needed to make it work. OHS legislation in Victoria applies to all workplaces equally.

Likewise, the basic skills of health and safety reps can be applied across the whole economy to make sure our workplaces are healthy and safe.  While keeping this broad view of health and safety for all, reps need to be informed and involved in health and safety issues specific to their industry.

This section brings together resources for a range of different industries. You can find out about common hazards and what to do about them, what's happening to improve health and safety in your industry, and how you can get involved.

Go to your industry section to find OHS information particularly relevant to you.  You'll find information on legislation, specific hazards, links and FAQs.

Please note that new information is added regularly to this section.  Some of the industry sections have more information than others ...


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