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This site is run by the Victorian Trades Hall Council's (VTHC) Occupational Health and Safety Unit. The Unit provides training, information and support to health and safety representatives and deputies. The development and delivery of the site has been made possible by a grant from WorkSafe Victoria.

The VTHC is the peak body representing affiliated Unions in Victoria. The VTHC represents workers and affiliated unions in a wide range of forums. It also provides information and advice in employment related matters, including health and safety and workers' compensation.

The OHS Unit has six staff members: the Co-ordinator, the Website Information Officer, training officers and administrative staff. Sessional trainers are also employed to assist in the delivery of training courses.

About the Website

We aim to provide health and safety reps with information and advice on how to address and resolve workplace issues. This may include some technical advice*, or information on how to find the resources you need. More importantly we hope the web site will assist you to identify and tackle particular hazards and negotiate a resolution with your employer.

* Any technical advice provided is for background information only. While we make all efforts to ensure that information on the site is accurate and up-to-date, it is up to the particular duty holder (eg designers, manufacturers, suppliers and employers) to ensure that they seek and receive advice from professionals who are suitably qualified.

Please contact us if you would like to make any comments or have further questions.


Please send in your occupational health and safety questions to Renata. We will respond within a few days.

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